Paula Deen Defends Herself On The View

by irene on September 25, 2009

┬áPaula Deen does not necessarily represent the way that I cook. There are very few things that I see Paula make that make me feel the need to go to the kitchen and create. However, I have met Paula Deen (ok, we were within a few feet of each other for a few minutes), and I found her to be the warmest, most genuine “celebrity” that I’ve encountered. My respect for her on that day went up measurably, in comparison to Emeril, who was also at that same event.

Despite that nonsequitur, It is reprehensible to me the way that Barbara Walters approached Paula Deen on this interview on “The View” recently.

Should we pay attention to the way that children eat? Yes. Should we give them the healthiest food that we can? Yes. But really. Teaching a child to cook versus teaching a child to eat a Chicken McNugget is admirable. To seemingly blame Paula Deen’s new cookbook, which is geared towards teaching children to enjoy cooking, on child obesity is incredible.

Barbara, you could use a piece of cheesecake. It would probably make you happier and healthier, frankly. And if you want to take on a cause, how about thinking about getting children involved in their food, rather than driving through a drive thu to get it.

Just Sayin’.

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