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Guilty Pleasures

Wisconsin State Fair

August 21, 2009

Wisconsin State Fair Food – for your viewing pleasure, a photo tour of a sampling of the food stands I encountered on my way from the entrance of the fair to the location to buy the famous Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff.

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The Confectional Delivers Spectacular Cheesecakes

November 1, 2008
Confectional Cheesecakes

The Confectional delivers these mini-cheesecakes to your doorstep, and they are the perfect size for serving as an elegent end to a formal dinner party.

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Carbonara with Pancetta, Peas and Ramps

May 20, 2007

The day started out dismally, with a cold breeze and even colder termperatures. I had previously had plans of making a light, grilled meal comprised of spring vegetables and grilled chicken, but as the day moved forward I couldn’t shake the cold feeling in my bones and in search of comfort food I went. Enter […]

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Guilty Pleasure

April 10, 2006

Ok, so it’s spring break for my kids and my wife (bless her soul) has taken the kids to a water park in Wisconsin Dells. I am home alone with my dog and three cats. Feeling sorry for myself I stop by the local butcher shop to pick up a steak for dinner. As I […]

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Las Vegas Hot Dog Tour

May 12, 2005

With a pending trip to Las Vegas coming in April I took it upon myself to research locations of my favorite fast food, hot dogs. I came across an article in the Las Vegas Weekly that caught my eye “The Best of the Wurst“. Since I was in Vegas on business, my time to explore […]

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In Search of Tubular Meat

March 5, 2005

Last summer I had the occasion to travel to Milwaukee to take my son to the airport for a trip to see his cousin. Since my wife and I were going to make a day of it I decided to do some research on hot dog places in the city by the lake. My online […]

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Brat Fest: Labor Day 2004

September 5, 2004

Our local paper yesterday carried the news that because Hurricane Frances was swirling away off the coast of Florida, the ozone layer was causing haze and pollutants all the way up here, in Wisconsin. The reporter should have done his research. That wasn’t hurricane-induced haze on the horizon. What the reporter was catching drift of […]

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Beer Town Dogs

July 20, 2004

In an effort to continue to promote the pleasures of tubular meat, I have run across a nice article on Milwaukee Hot Dog Joints. Enjoy!

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Mr. Hotdog

April 28, 2004

While in Vegas we dined at some wonderful restaurants but the highlite of the trip was a discovery I made tucked away in a strip mall on Flamingo Dr.. Mr Hotdog was the name and hotdogs was their game. A wonderful collection of hotdogs with regional twists. The New York dog came with a wonderful […]

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