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Media Chef – Digital Cookbook

October 5, 2009
Media Chef Digital Cookbook from Belling

For you wired technogeeks who love to cook, Belling has just come out wth a new digital cookbook. The Media Chef holds about 48 instructional cooking videos and can also be used as a calendar, a media player and a photo frame.

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New Inventions – Home and Housewares Show 2009

April 4, 2009

Among the housewares big names like All Clad, Viking and Cuisinart and the exhibits with celebrity chef monikers plastered all over their booths is a small section set aside for the new inventions. The Inventors Corner is a place we always make sure we visit at this show to see who the next up and […]

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International Home + Housewares Show 2009

March 14, 2009
International Home & Housewares Show

Cuisine Capers will be covering the International Home & Housewares show once again this year. This show is restricted only to trade professionals in the industry, as well as qualified press and meda.  Cuisine Capers will be attending a media, and we’re looking forward to covering the latest in home gadgets and products, as well […]

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Finally, a Salt Pig!

January 14, 2007
salt pig

I’ve been looking at them for years… I’ve been saying, “You know, I really need to get myself a salt pig”. I have just never done it. I guess Greg got tired of hearing it, because he got me my salt pig for Christmas. Voila. I now have my salt pig. I’ve looked online at […]

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Rachel Ray’s Garbage Bowl

September 18, 2006

I give up. I’ve spent a lot of time pondering this, and I’ve been unable to come up with an answer. Why do people search for “Rachel Ray’s garbage bowl”? An enormous number of people find Cuisine Capers each and every day in their Google quest for information on this item. Now, granted, one could […]

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New Gadget: French Coffee Press

July 16, 2005

I drink a lot of coffee. One could even argue that I drink too much coffee. During the week I stop at a coffee shop on my way in to work to grab a nice cinnamon pecan coffee, or I make do with the swill that they pass off as coffee in the office. But […]

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The Thrill of Victory

March 21, 2005

Some of the long time readers of Cuisine Capers may recall my very unfortunate pizza escapade of last July. No? Ah, well, take a look at it if you dare. It wasn’t pretty. So while working away on a few online projects this weekend, I had the Food TV Network on in the background. There […]

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One Day I Shall Have This…

March 3, 2005

It’s such a simple thing really… It’s a salt pig. You put, well, salt in it. And then it sits on your counter and you use it to… salt things. I want this. I don’t know why salt pigs aren’t very common. It seems like such a practical gadget. And I don’t know why I […]

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New Gadget

February 16, 2005

It’s always dangerous going into a kitchen store. There are so many cool gadgets, and I never leave without spending too much money. My latest cool gadget is this silicone Rubbermade grabber. It’s very cool – it goes over your hand like a sock puppet, and there is no way heat is going to get […]

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