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Wisconsin State Fair

August 21, 2009

Wisconsin State Fair Food – for your viewing pleasure, a photo tour of a sampling of the food stands I encountered on my way from the entrance of the fair to the location to buy the famous Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff.

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Bratfest 2008 Breaks Records!

June 1, 2008
Grilling of the Brats

Memorial Day weekend has special meaning in Madison, Wisconsin.  For the last several years, it has marked the weekend for Bratfest, the biggest Bratwurst-eating orgy in the World!  Thousands gather to buy bags of brats at bargain prices.  And that’s not all, there are major celebrities on hand, as shown below:   Yes, the Johnsonville […]

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“FLAYvors of Washington” Recipe Contest

April 12, 2008

Every now and then I get the hankering to enter a recipe contest.  It doesn’t happen very often, mind you, but I’ll point out that according to the Wisconsin State Journal, I have the best potato salad in the kingdom of Madison… even if they didn’t understand what it meant when I called for a […]

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Iron Chef Madison Style

October 21, 2007
Madison Food and Wine Show

The Madison Food and Wine Show took place this weekend.  An annual event, this show features food, wine, demonstrations, exhibits, and other food and beverage related items.  Perhaps one of the more entertaining aspects of this show is the Dueling Chef Competition. Chefs representing Madison Originals restaurants compete ala Iron Chef for the title of […]

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Brat Fest Withdrawl

September 3, 2006

For those of you frantically searching Google to figure out if there is a Brat Fest this weekend (don’t try to hide… I can see you – Yeah, you… I’m talking to you!)… Alas, no, there is no Brat Fest this Labor Day. Ever since they moved to to the Aliant Center grounds they seem […]

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September 8, 2004

Alas, the brat-consuming record was not broken this Labor Day weekend at Brat Fest. The goal: 200,000 Bratwurst The reality: 162,234 Bratwurst But don’t despair! This still beat the previous Labor Day record by 39,000 brats. And really, if you consider that The Taste of Madison and a home UW Football game was going on […]

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Christmas in August!

August 13, 2004

And no, I am not referring to the abnormally cold weather that we are having. It’s the Great Taste of the Midwest tomorrow! More than 100 breweries, offering a total of more than 400 beers to taste! I’ll be taking a camera and posting some pictures. And tonight we’re celebrating tomato season by going to […]

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